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Keep your employees healthy. Keep them. Period.

We deliver trainings, keynotes, workshops, group and individualized coaching. Find the solution that simplifies and empowers your team's wellness.

femme and nonbinary people at a work table laughing as they work on their laptops

Keynotes + Workshops

Mindfulness Meets Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Biases are killing both our health and employee retention. Great teams and corporate leaders know that a mindful culture can improve communication and performance in your workforce. It also improves health and wellbeing. Mindfulness-based DEI programs can set the stage for long-term, sustainable improvements.

Mindfulness promotes awareness of individual beliefs, thoughts, and feelings; acceptance of the beliefs and perspectives of others, as well as compassion toward others and yourself.

Your audience will learn :

  • How to practice mindfulness at work to change our relationship to stress and approach tasks with more patience and compassion

  • How staying in the moment maximizes productivity and supports collaboration

  • To allow self-awareness and openness to feedback to create an environment that supports creative problem solving and welcomes diverse perspectives

Keynotes + Workshops

Decolonizing Wellness : Holistic Wellness Foundations

Weight cycling and body dissatisfaction lead the average adult to spend over 20 years of their life dieting.

The lack of BIPOC and LGBTQ representation in the fields of health and nutrition has led to repeated racist and unscientific biases that negatively impact the wellness of marginalized people.

Mainstream body positivity resources fail to address the intersectional challenges of anti-Blackness, colorism, homophobia, transphobia, and generational trauma that are at the root of our struggles with wellness and self-care.

Systemic oppression is continually overlooked as a chronic stressor that undermines health.

Expanding our definition of wellness to honor body diversity, our lived experiences, and individual values is the key to making wellness joyful and accessible to all. This presentation moves the audience beyond limiting Euro and hetero-centric concepts of wellness and establishes a framework for developing nourishing and empowering wellness plans honor our individual identities.

Your audience will learn :

  1. The importance of affirming care that acknowledges your lived experience

  2. How to identify and meet core wellbeing needs

  3. Techniques for managing chronic stress induced by systemic oppression

a black woman meditating in a yoga studio
at a table with trans and cis friends a brown woman with curly hair laughing and eating a french fry

Keynotes + Workshops

Embodiment:  Using the Body to Heal Chronic Stress

Systemic oppression is the ultimate preexisting condition. The body's response to racism, homophobia, and transphobia can be measured on a cellular level. Traumatic stress injuries can come from direct experiences of one-on-one discrimination, but they can also be triggered by witnessing bigotry.


The symptoms of chronic stress can be quite severe, depression, anger, headaches, chest pains, insomnia, and more. The good news is that this normal human response to prolonged stress exposure can be treated.


In this workshop, we will practice body-centered strategies for calming the nervous system, processing grief, and managing the chronic stress caused by living in hostile environments.

Your audience will learn:

  1. The role that embodiment plays in wellbeing

  2. How to navigate obstacles to feeling connected to the body

  3. Simple practices for grounding and calming the nervous system

Keynotes + Workshops

Creating an Inclusive Practice

Implicit bias, stigma, and discrimination faced by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and LGBTQIA+ folks when accessing healthcare exacerbate already elevated stress levels, further compromising the health of individuals seeking support.

Therapists, physicians, dietitians, and allied health professionals all benefit from developing a practice that has the power to support clients that hold marginalized identities, but this work requires a level of introspection and personal analysis that is best done with guidance.


In this presentation, we will explore simple and intuitive practices to lead with compassion and adopt a growth mindset around creating spaces where all feel welcome.

Your audience will learn :

  1. The fundamentals of creating safer spaces

  2. Self-awareness practices to identify and reduce the harm of unconscious bias

  3. Powerful communication skills to connect with individuals outside of our

  4. How to release perfectionism maintain a growth mindset in relation to
    diversity, equity, and inclusion

an audience of people taking notes in an auditorium
a diverse work team laughing and working together


Inclusive Content Guide

Get the 4 key concepts that can powerfully shift your culture from unintentionally exclusive to intentionally inclusive, and explore our top 7 curated resources to support this important journey.

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