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Are you feeling blocked in some areas of your life?


Are you looking for ways to tap into your intuition, gain clarity and insight?


Looking for a new way to interpret Tarot beyond traditional methods?


Tarot journaling is a great self-awareness and self-coaching tool for lovers of the airy fairy and the pragmatic. It doesn’t matter if you believe the insights you gather are from your higher self or an external power. The exercise will benefit you either way.


Our Illuminated Tarot Self-Coaching Journaling Deck is like no other. Each card beautifully illustrated card comes with its own journaling prompts. Perfect for those looking to explore their inner truths instead of being swayed by external information. 


This deck can help guide you on your path towards self-discovery by uncovering deeper layers of insight that may have previously gone unnoticed. Get ready to expand your understanding about yourself and the world around you!


There are multiple ways to use the deck. You can simply scroll at random and select a card, pick the question or questions that resonate with you and journal for 10 minutes or you can start with setting an intention, asking for guidance or insights around a specific concern before closing your eyes and scrolling. Use the journaling prompts on whichever card your mouse lands closest to or whichever card fills the bulk of your screen when the scrolling stops. 


Unlock the doors of self-discovery with the Illuminated Tarot  Self-Coaching Journaling E-Deck.


Illuminated Tarot a Self-Coaching Journaling Deck (Digital Download)

$19.97 Regular Price
$13.98Sale Price
  • Except as set out in this policy, all sales are final due to the non-returnable nature of digital products once downloaded. 

    If you are a resident of the EU, prior to downloading the purchased digital content you have the right to cancel your purchase for up to 14 days. 

    Please note that once you access or download any digital content, your purchase is no longer refundable. 

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